2024 Summer day camps

SUMMER CAMP LEVELS & DATES: Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
July 8th - 12th: Advanced / Intermediate camp (Ages 12 and up) : Fee: $450 + 13% HST For riders who are comfortable riding independently at all gaits and performing courses of small jumps 2'0" & up
July 15 - 19th Novice camp: (Ages 8 & up) Fee: $450 + 13% HST
For riders who have some horse riding experience and are at a minimum able to walk and trot independently.
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Novice Camp

Ages 8 and up

During our novice camp riders will have a busy day riding twice per day (most days - weather permitting) and learn about horse care, horsemanship basics, including fun games and activities. This camp is suitable for novice riders who have some riding experience at walk and trot. 

Advanced camp

Ages 12 & up 

Our advanced camp is for riders with a good foundation and are already able to ride independently at trot and canter and jump a course of jumps. Our camp includes 2 riders per day (most days - weather permitting) and will be focused on learning jumping, dressage and cross country (if ready). Stable management will be taught and focus on skills needed to care for a horse and compete.