Riding lessons

We offer riding lessons for all levels both recreational and competitive. Our coaches are Equestrian Canada certified Instructors or coaches.  Our lesson program focused on dressage, jumping and cross county. Riders may choose to focus on eventing skills or focus on dressage.  Private, semi-private and group lessons are offered.


We strive to provide the best quality care for our equines. We provide lots of turnout and grazing to allow for as natural lifestyle.  Outdoor boarded horses have access to pasture (hay in winter), water and shelter. We also offer indoor board for those horses that need the stall time and care. 


Some of our horses are available for part lease. For riders interested in more than just riding lessons and want to participate in additional activities but are not ready for the commitment of their own horse. We make the benefits of horse ownership more accessible. All leaders must be part of our lesson program.