• Boarding, riding lessons and leasing is all billed monthly.
  • All services are subject to HST
  • Full payment is due by the 1st of the month
  • Payment can be made by etransfer, cheque or cash. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Late payments will incur late payment charges

Missed & make up lessons 

  • 4 lessons are included in the monthly fee. If there are 5 weeks on your lesson day, one of the lessons will likely be cancelled or run as part of the next lesson session to accommodate holidays etc. 
  • Students are offered up to one make up lesson per month.  
  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required in order to be eligible for a make up. Please provide more notice if possible. This helps us schedule timely make up lessons.  To register for a make up lesson, email your coach to notify them of the absence AND fill in the "Make up lesson request form". You will be contacted when a suitable lesson spot is available for a make up. 
  • Make up lessons may be with a different coach, horse, and type of lesson.

Attire & equipment

  • A Certified and properly fitting riding helmet must be worn while riding
  • Riding boots or similar boots with a ½ inch heal must be worn
  • Hair should be tied back while handling horses and riding
  • No loose or dangling jewelry should be worn while handling horses or while riding. 
  • Wear, Breeches, jodhpurs or similar tight fitting pants.
  • A cross country vest is recommended for all riding and required for cross country jumping. 
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn by all people handling and in close proximity to the horses.
  • Riders must have their own grooming kits and saddle pads.

Horse care

Riders are responsible for preparing and tacking up horses before the lesson and should arrive approximately 30 minutes before the lesson time. Riders must un-tack the horse after the lesson, care for the horse by cooling out, grooming, blanketing (in winter), turning out. Riders must clean and put away the tack, grooming tools, saddle pads and coolers after use.
Riders must pick up after their horse and sweep the aisleway after use (before and after lessons).

General Safety policies 

  • ALL riders must wear an ASTM approved riding helmet all appropriate boots with a small heel (heal min 1.5 cm)
  • All riders must sign a waiver form.
  • Riders under 18 years old must have an adult present when riding. 
  • No jumping outsider of lessons, unless on own horse and as instructed by coach.
  • NO ONE may jump any cross-country jumps unless in a lesson with a coach.
  • Cross-country safety vests must be worn when jumping cross-country jumps.
  • Youth are encouraged to wear a safety vest at all times when riding.
  • Tack must be kept in good condition. Riders must ensure that the tack they are using is in safe working order. The leather should not be cracked and the stitching in good condition. Report any deficiencies in Meadowvale Farm tack to staff immediately.


  • For adults (over 18), the rider(s) must notify someone at the barn as to where they will be hacking and approximately how long they will be OR write in on the white board in the barn.
  • Riders under the age of 18 may not hack alone and must ensure that there is an adult at the barn who is informed of where they are hacking to and how long they will be.
  • At least one person (per group) must carry a charged cell phone.
  • No one may canter when they are hacking on the road.
  • If hacking on the Meadowvale property, riders MUST ride only on the paths around the edge of the fields and follow posted guidance as to whether the fields are open or closed to riding.
  • The fields, hacking trails, conditioning tracks etc. are not guaranteed to be hazard free: Groundhog holes can appear, wildlife can be present etc. Therefore, when riding in the field rider must always be aware of the possibility of holes or other hazards. Riders must proceed cautiously and look for groundhog holes and uneven ground when they are riding. If a groundhog hole is seen, please flag it (with a branch, rock etc) and notify Meadowvale Staff.
  • When riding along the road riders should wear reflective vests